The furniture market of USA is told to be worth of more than 70 billion dollars. From 2006 to 2008, these were the years for the American Economy of recession and the furniture market turnover is going towards downside pertaining these years. But again with the passing of the year 2015 the world’s biggest economy seems to be looking at the sky of bright stars.

The home furniture market of USA is being ruled by China and many asian countries. With this, one of the biggest challenge is in the front of the USA firms is to face the quality of handicraft products of China. There are many reasons for which China is lagging down its legacy and monopoly in the USA market because of increasing the labour cost, shipping charges and currency challenges.

The first challenge is in the front of the USA firms is that the young generations prefer small living houses but the furniture very long time functioning and qualitative. To prepare this type of furniture is often a challenge in front of the USA firms.

There is another one exemplary problem is this the USA based individuals want to purchase the furniture which is already used, recyclable, environmentally safe and not a burden on the natural resources of the country.  

To get successful in international market, it is needed to have a proper retail network for the furniture manufacturers. As well the new product development, technology and manufacturing solutions are needed to be purchased so that the copyright problems can easily be removed. With this proper initiatives of online marketing initiatives are needed to be perceived properly because of they are not properly used yet.

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